2002年10月2日 Wednesday (No.077)

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那指六年來新( 2002/9/24 )
Nasdaq slumps to six-year low
學生因「拉高出貨」騙局遭罰( 2002/9/25 )
Student punished for 'pump and dump' stock scheme
研究:魚類中含汞可能導致不孕( 2002/9/24 )
Study: Mercury in fish may be linked to infertility
男子以威爾•史密斯名義賺進三萬三千元美金( 2002/9/20 )
Man racks up $33,000 in actor Will Smith's name
NBA 派翠克•尤恩不排除復出( 2002/9/19 )
Patrick Ewing won't rule out NBA comeback
伊拉克議題 各國領袖意見紛歧( 2002/9/18 )
World leaders split on Iraq issue
slump 下跌;降低
動詞 slump 在商業英語中常用來表示「(物價、股票等的)下跌或是(經濟的)衰退」,也可當名詞用,同表「下跌;不景氣;衰退」。
The company's stock price slumped after it issued a profit warning.
pump and dump 拉高出貨
pump and dump 是商業用語,指刻意哄抬某股票,使其股價漲高然後趁機拋售手中持股牟利的作法,即「拉高出貨」。
You should be wary of "pump and dump" stock schemes on the Internet that promote the buying of certain stocks.
scheme 詭計;陰謀
scheme 在此表為達成某種意圖而耍的「詭計;陰謀」;此外,這個字也可表「計畫;方案」,相當於 plan
Carlos lost a lot of money on the get-rich-quick scheme.
rack up 累積取得
rack up 在商業英語中,可表「獲得很大的利益;損失很大」;在體育用語中,則表「贏得很多場比賽;大勝」的意思。
The woman racked up $6,000 on her credit card during her trip to Tokyo.
rule out 排除
rule out 表「排除;使不可能;使不發生」。
India has ruled out any reduction of troops along its border with Pakistan.
be split on (something) 對……意見分歧
split 在這裡是形容詞,為「分歧的;分裂的;分離的」的意思。be split on (something) 就是指「對某事物有的想法各不相同」。
Workers at the factory are split on the new salary deal.
Ulitmate Frisbee 飛盤爭奪賽
When people think of sports in Taiwan, the first thing that springs to mind is usually baseball or basketball.
To members of Renegade Province, however, Ultimate Frisbee is the only sport on their minds.
  在台灣,當人們想到運動時,第一個映入腦海的,通常是棒球或籃球。然而對 Renegade Province 的成員來說,飛盤爭奪賽是他們唯一想到的運動。
Ultimate Frisbee requires a level of speed, agility, and teamwork that matches many conventional team sports.
Anyone of any age can play. It is also a lot of fun, and a great way to meet people from all over the world.
If you are feeling a bit burned out from your favorite sport, you should consider trying your hand at Ultimate Frisbee, and find out what you've been missing.
For more information on Ultimate Frisbee:
spring to mind 湧現腦海
spring 當動詞時,可表「跳躍;彈;突然出現」,spring to mind 就是表示某種想法、意念等「突然出現在腦子裡」。
The first city that springs to mind when thinking of France is Paris.
burned out 失去熱情
burn out 字面意思是「燃燒殆盡」,引申指「失去熱情;不再熱中」的意思 。
The students were burned out from all the studying they had to do.
try your hand at (something) 嘗試某事物
One day, I would like to try my hand at waterskiing.
what (someone) has been missing 你錯過了什麼
what (someone) has been missing 是個常見的句型,用以表達某事物非常有趣、精彩等等,沒有嘗試過的人要親身體驗過才知道自己以前錯過的東西。
You don't know what you've been missing until you've tried that new coffee shop.
a regular 常客;老客戶
regular 當名詞時表「常客;老客戶」的意思,也可表「政黨的中堅分子」。
The entire staff at the video store knows my name because I'm a regular there.
Patty and her friend, Jack, are at a coffee shop.
Patty: So Jack, how's everything going? 派蒂: 傑克,近來一切好嗎?
Jack: Really good, thanks. 傑克: 很好,謝謝。
Patty: I remember you saying that you signed up for that weight loss program. 派蒂: 我記得你說你報名參加了減重計畫。
Jack: That's right. I'm now a regular at the gym. 傑克: 對啊,我現在是健身房的常客
Patty: I don't mean to be rude but... you still seem to have a spare tire. Didn't you lose any weight? 派蒂: 我並不是有意冒犯,但是……你好像還是有游泳圈耶,你沒有減重嗎?
Jack: Well, I did lose some weight. But it managed to find me again. 傑克: 嗯,我確實減了一些重量,只不過又加回來了。
spare tire 備胎;腹部囤積的脂肪
spare tire 有兩個意思,第一個意思是「備胎」;第二個意思則是用來指「人腹部囤積的脂肪」,相當於中文的「游泳圈」之意。
I started getting a spare tire when I was twenty-five years old.
我 25 歲時身上就開始有游泳圈了。


Tip: Where Should I Study English? 英語何處學?
Here's a tip for people thinking of studying English overseas. Instead of looking at the most popular places to study English, choose a location that is less popular. This way, you will be forced to use English more since there will be far fewer Chinese speakers in your school or homestay. After a year, your English will have improved considerably.
True or False
If you "sign up for" a class, you don't need to take it.
Someone who is "a regular" at a store, goes there very often.
If an economy "slumps," it is doing poorly.
If two countries are "split on" an issue, then they agree on it.
When someone "rules out" an idea, he/she rejects it.

Fill in the Blanks
a. a regular  b. slumped c. racked up d. try my hand e. burned out
I want to __________ at sewing.
Joe is __________ here. He has been shopping here for twenty years.
Last month, I __________ a $500 debt on my credit card.
The economy __________ after the price of oil rose.
The receptionist was __________ from dealing with difficult customers.


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