Live Interactive Chinese Vol.24
Teach you how to negotiate and sign.
Essential Sentences about placing orders and making deals.
Do you know what is on contracts in Chinese?
Live Interactive Chinese Vol.23
Going overseas to attend exhibitions.
Teach you things when your company sends you abroad
Can you understand an itinerary in Chinese?
Live Interactive Chinese Vol.22
Essential Sentences about meetings and briefings.
How to present cases to a client and state the key points to complete briefings.
An e-mail notifying employees of an upcoming meeting
Live Interactive Chinese Vol.21
Introduce seven topics that Chinese business people are most interested in.
A collection of pictures that show the interior of offices.
“Writing Center” provides readers with example sentences and a writing template .
Live Interactive Chinese Vol.20
“Picture Dictionary” will help you prepare looking for a job.
Help you make sure of job requirements and understand interview notifications.
Live Interactive Chinese 17-19
Complete version of Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woma
Introductions to Chinese culture
Live Interactive Chinese 20-24
job interview
business conversation
business letter
business sentence pattern
Zhen Bang! Elementary Chinese BOOK 1
Pictures are helpful to committing things to memory.
Chinese Pronunciation
Varied, engaging content helps pronunciation courses more lively and effective.
Detailed instruction on tongue placement and pronunciation
Kids Interactive Chinese - Home Sweet Home(Full Package)
3-D animation
80 vocabulary words relevant to the household
Useful sentence patterns
Lively songs
Interactive games