International Partners


  ‧ Edubox is a large-scale Korean educational organization.

  ‧ It specializes in online and supplemental education services and presently has over 400
     allied schools in Korea.

  ‧ Edubox’s English portal website currently uses LiveABC’s online English study

  ‧ The company plans to promote LiveABC’s “EASYS” English study content for portable
     media players (PMP) to complement the books and Internet sites. Its principal markets
     are elementary and middle schools.


  SDA Samyook Language School Strategy Alliance

  ‧ SDA is the most well–known and respected educational organization in the country. Recruiting 500,000 students annually, it
     received the “Korean Educational Brand Award,” for three consecutive years (2003–2005).

  ‧ SDA uses LiveABC’s online English-learning materials.

  ‧ LiveABC is currently developing a series of English-testing materials and online digital learning materials for SDA.


  SDA Samyook Language School Strategy Alliance

  ‧ In 2005, LiveABC Korea broke into Korea’s English-learning market with the official launch of its publications and online learning

  ‧ Its 3D-animated English-learning series became a number-one best seller in every traditional and online bookstore in Korea.

  ‧ In addition to having been awarded several major education-related awards in Korea, LiveABC Korea has also formed
     partnerships with large-scale companies such as Samsung, Credu, and TG (Trigem) Computer.

  ‧ Currently, over 200 elementary and middle schools in Korea use LiveABC’s educational software.

  ‧ By 2010, LiveABC Korea hopes to become Korea’s largest provider of English learning materials and digital learning systems.