2001年12月05日 Wednesday
電視法庭將播放賓拉登假想審判( 2001/11/29 )
Court TV to air mock trial for Bin Laden
研究顯示淡煙並不比較安全( 2001/11/28 )
Study shows 'light' cigarettes not safer
巴基斯坦展開追捕賓拉登行動( 2001/11/28 )
Pakistan launches manhunt for bin Laden
波音公司預訂九架新噴射機( 2001/11/28 )
Boeing books orders for nine new jetliners
前台南市長涉收賄遭羈押( 2001/11/27 )
Former Tainan city mayor detained on bribery charges
科學家:荷爾蒙可能在慢性偏頭痛中扮演關鍵角色( 2001/11/27 )
Scientist: Hormones may play key role in chronic migraines
air 播放;廣播
air 在這裡做動詞用,在美式的口語用法中有「廣播;播放」的意思,可指播放廣播類節目或電影、電視節目等。
The TV station is airing reruns of my favorite soap opera.
light 清淡的
light 有「(重量)輕的;(顏色)淺的」的意思,也可用來指香味、口味 「較淡的;清淡的」。
In his effort to lose weight, Fred now drinks light beer.
manhunt 搜捕;追捕行動
manhunt 為名詞,指警方對罪犯或嫌犯的「追捕行動;搜捕行動」。
The police launched a manhunt for the suspected murderer.
book 預訂;預約
book 做動詞用時有「預訂;預約」之意,可指預定車票或機票,也可指預約餐館或旅館房間。
You'd better book your airline tickets now if you want to go abroad during Chinese New Year!
detain 被拘留;被羈押
detain 做動詞用,指短時間限制某人的行動自由,而「拘留;扣押」某 人。
The man was detained by airport security because he was acting suspiciously.
play a key role 扮演關鍵的角色;佔重要的地位
play a role 指「扮演某種角色」,在 role 前加上形容詞即可表扮演怎樣的角色, key 有「關鍵的;主要的」的意思,因此: play a key role 指「扮演關鍵的角色;佔重要的地位」。
Commitment plays a key role in the success of most relationships.
Lovers of cultural events will have plenty to see and do this month with an Aboriginal festival in Taitung and an international festival in Changhua. In Taitung, the "Festival of Austronesian Cultures" runs from December 5 to December 9.
This is the second such event, and groups from Taiwan, Guam, China, Thailand, Nepal, Hawaii, Malaysia, and the Philippines will attend.
The gathering will feature both academic seminars and cultural performances.
  文化活動的愛好者本月份將有許多活動可看、可參與,因為台東有原住民節慶,而彰化也有國際性的節慶。台東的《南島藝術,原鄉再現》活動從12月5 日進行至9日
  這次是第二度有這樣的活動,有來自台灣、關島、中國、泰國、 尼泊爾、夏威夷、馬來西亞及菲律賓的團體參加。
Running from December 8 through December 16, the "2001 Changhua International Traditional Arts Festival" will bring an even more international flavor to the month of December.
This event will showcase a group of talent from around the globe.
  彰化的《鹿港風華三百年》活動將從12月8日進行至12月16日,將為12 月帶來更富國際化的氣息。
lovers 愛好者
lover 一般常解為「愛人;情人」,但在口語中也有某種事物的「愛好者」 的意思,其後以 of 連接其所喜愛的事物。
Lovers of modern art often choose Europe as a holiday destination.
runs from 從(時間)至(時間)
若要表達某件事的時效或活動的進行期間,即可使用 run from . . . to . . . 的句型。
The tax year runs from April to March in the U.K.
feature 以……為主題;為號召
feature 原本即有「特徵」的意思,在這裡做動詞用,表特別強調「以…… 為主題;以……為主軸」之意。
The charity show will feature both pop singers and famous TV presenters.
showcase 展現;陳列
showcase 做名詞時原表商店或博物館等的「展示櫃;陳列櫃」,在口語用法中也可當作動詞用,表「使展出;使展現;使亮相」的意思。
The exhibition showcased the newest computers on the market.
come across 遇見(某人);無意間發現(某事)
come across 可指遇見某人或發現某事物,尤指未經計畫、偶然遇上的人 物或事件。要提醒讀者的是,這個用語無被動式。
When I was walking around the mall, I came across this great little coffee shop.
A princess is walking through a forest when she comes across a little, ugly frog.
Frog: Excuse me miss? 青蛙: 小姐,可以打擾妳一下子嗎?
Princess: Yes, little frog? 公主: 有什麼事嗎,小青蛙?
Frog: I used to be a rich prince, but an evil witch cast a spell on me and turned me into this ugly frog. 青蛙: 我以前是一個富有的王子,但邪惡的女巫對我施咒,還把我變成了這樣一 隻醜陋的青蛙。
Princess: Oh, how awful! Poor you! 公主: 喔,那真慘!你好可憐哪!
Frog: Yes, but if you kiss me, I will turn back into a prince. Then you can live happily ever after with my mother and me in our castle, cooking our meals, raising our children . . . and be forever content doing so. 青蛙: 是啊,要是妳親我一下,我就會變回王子。妳就可以從此和我及我母親一 起住在城堡裡,過著幸福快樂的日子,為我們煮飯,養育我們孩子……而且永遠對此感到心滿意足。
Later that day, as the princess dines on frog's legs at her palace.
Princess: I really don't think so my froggy friend! 公主: 我真的不這樣認為唷,我的蛙朋友!
turn (someone) into . . . 把(某人)變成??
turn 有「轉變;轉換」之意,可指某人經由外在因素而有所改變,也可指童話故事中常見的用法力將某人變成其他生物等。
Bob used to be very shy, but his time in the military turned him into a more confident man.
raise (someone) 養育(某人)
raise 是「養育;撫養」的意思,可指「養育小孩」,也可指「飼養(動 物、寵物等)」。
The countryside is a great place to raise children.
happily ever after 從此過著幸福快樂的日子
happily ever after 是一般童話故事最常見的結尾,表主角們「從此過著幸福快樂的日子」。
Jane married a doctor and lived happily ever after.
True or False
1. Somebody who is "content" is unhappy.
2. If someone "comes across" an interesting book, he/she may buy it.
3. If something is "destined" to happen, it won't occur.
4. If a country has a "diverse" population, everybody is the same.
5. If the police "detain" somebody, they let him/her go free.

Fill in the Blanks
a. plays a key role in   b. turn you into c. book  d. content  e. features
6. Many people travel to San Francisco during the summer, so you'd better _____ your flight soon.
7. Staff development _______ a company's success.
8. The art exhibition _______ a painting by Monet.
9. The aim of the program is to _______ a fitter and healthier individual.
The residents of the small town had been very ______ until the the casino was built.

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